Anonymous said: whats your new tumblr

Log back into this old Tumblr to say WASSAPPPP. Peace! Y’all will never find my new Tumblr! 

I have created a new Tumblr account. Feel free to follow me. “

God blessed.

Man, it is so motivating to go to the gym and after finishing my workouts, have people ask me for advice and tips. This morning, I had not one, but two guys ask me about my workouts and diets. Things like these inspires me to continue what I’m doing because I’m inspiring others. It’s great pleasure and joy to help people succeed and to help them overcome obstacles. Best believe I’m gonna train with them if they need some guidance. And how can I forget the man behind all this? I can’t and I won’t. All the glory to the man upstairs. Blessed, we blessed. 

Day 4. Biceps. Backs. No Cardio (rest)

I am so ready for Spring Break. I miss my regular 8hrs of sleep..